Empowering  Every  Pet  And  Its  Owners'  Playtime  Together

Welcome to our world of pet toys

Welcome to our world of pet toys, where imagination meets playfulness! We take pride in designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative toys that bring boundless joy to pets and their owners. 


We strive to bring happiness, playfulness, and enrichment into the lives of pets worldwide. With our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, pet well-being, and sustainability, we are dedicated to shaping a future where pets thrive and flourish through the power of play. 


Join us on this exciting journey, and together, let's unleash joy and create unforgettable moments for our furry companions.

About Us

Hangzhou Debei Arts Co., LTD. is a leading pet toy factory has been engaged in foreign trade more than ten years, offer different kinds of pet toys, including plush, natural rubber, rubber, TPR, cotton rope, etc.. 


Design Team: including 15+ members, can customize samples based on clients' concepts or pictures, providing 72+ new designs per month, can make samples from designs within 48 hours at the soonest.


Factory: more than 800 workers, and production leadtime is 40-60 days. monthly capacity is more than 50 40HC containers.


Quality Control: there are 10+ quality inspectors to ensure the safety and excellence of products, three-stage inspection including PPS before production, middle inspection during production, and final inspection before delivery.


Test Reports: BSCl and SGS certifications for factory, different tests are conducted for products, such as the CE test.


Shipping: FOB Shanghai, from factory to Shanghai port only needs 2 hours driving.

Customized Service

Behind our exceptional toys is a passionate and talented design team dedicated to bringing dreams to life. Our designers are pet lovers themselves, understanding the nuances of play and the unique needs of different animals. They combine their expertise in design, functionality, and pet behavior to create toys that captivate pets and provide endless hours of entertainment.