Non-toxic Tpr Dog Ball Rope Dog Chew Pet Toy

Ball Shape: The dog chew toys feature a fun and engaging ball shape, perfect for interactive play and fetching games.

Rope and TPR Material: These toys are made with a combination of durable rope and TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) material, ensuring long-lasting use and satisfying chewing experience for your furry friend.

Eco-Friendly: Our dog chew toys are designed with the environment in mind. They are made from eco-friendly materials, reducing the impact on the planet.

Soft and Bite Resistant: The toys are gentle on your dog's teeth and gums, providing a soft yet satisfying chewing experience. They are designed to withstand moderate biting and chewing without easily getting damaged.

Teeth Cleaning: The textured surface of the toys helps promote dental health by gently massaging your dog's gums and clea

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