Special Feature for 520: A Tribute to Our Beloved Pets
Hangzhou Debei Art Co., Ltd. focuses on providing high-quality pet toys for the B2B market, demonstrating our commitment to "love and quality." We strictly control materials and design to ensure our products are safe, durable, and fun. We thank every customer and partner for their support, which allows us to keep moving forward. On this day of love, let's care for every furry friend and spread warmth.
The Reason Why My Cats Bite Me
Why cats bite ? There are many reasons why cats bite, and when you are in this situation, the best thing to do is to visit your veterinarian and get expert advice.
Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tail?-Let's Find Out!
Canine tail wagging serves as a nuanced expression of various emotions, including happiness, fear, anxiety, alertness, and even aggression.
The Reason Why Is My Dog Not Eating His Food?
There can be a variety of reasons why a dog won't eat, but whatever the cause it's worth getting the owner's attention. We can worry about our dogs getting sick or even dying as a result, when your dog is not eating you can try the above mentioned things and if the condition still persists then you need to visit your vet
Why Do Cats Like Small Spaces?-Let's Find Out!
Thanks to the cat's special body structure and his magical whiskers, he was able to get into any place without getting stuck, which led to so many hilarious scenes
Why is My Cat Throwing Up? Let's Find Out!
Cats possess an innate curiosity that may lead them to inadvertently ingest substances harmful to their health. To safeguard your cat, ensure toxic plants, human medications, yarn or string, chocolate, and small objects are kept out of their reach. Ingesting these items can lead to digestive complications.
Why Do Cats Put Toys in Water?Let‘s Find Out!
why do cats put toys in water? There's no definite reason for it. There is no a Cats are great friends to us humans and they often do things in life that we can't understand.
How to Bond with Your Cat ? The Ultimate Guide. 
The good relationship between you and your cat are helpful for both you and cat 's health. Having fun with cats promote cats dental health .
Do Cats Like Plush Toys?Let's Find Out
Plush cat toys will help you bond with your cat. DB PET toy will provide you the best cat plush toy. In no time, you and your cat will be best friends!
Is Chewing Good for Puppies? Let’s Find Out.
Enhance your dog's chewing experience by offering a variety of chews, such as DB's Turmeric bars or puffy bars. Providing diverse options allows them to chew for extended periods, exercising different parts of their mouth and jaw.
How to Get a Dog to Play Tug of War?-The Ultimate Guide.
Consistency is key when addressing your dog's biting behavior. Be present whenever he shows signs of wanting to bite, and employ the toy and game consistently to establish new habits promptly. Make it a daily ritual, reinforcing the connection between the game, treats, and positive behavior.
How to Wash Dog Plush Toys?
In conclusion, taking care of your dog's toys is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership. Cleaning plush toys regularly, every few weeks or more if needed, ensures a hygienic environment for your furry friend. Simple steps, like shaking off loose dirt and checking for damage, contribute to the longevity and safety of the toys.
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